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FAQ2530 Why is there "No User" in the username in the reports generated? 1,607 357 days ago 
FAQ1337 How do I run the hardware diagnostics on the SG9000, SG900, SG600, SG300, CF5000 and CF500 appliances? 8,960 Mar 29, 2013 
FAQ2275 What version of PostgeSQL is IntelligenceCenter v3.2.x running? 1,029 Aug 20, 2012 
FAQ1654 How to reduce the disk space used by the databse on the IC server ? 819 Oct 19, 2011 
FAQ891 How to create a database on Bluecoat Reporter? 7,046 Mar 2, 2011 
FAQ1232 How do I create a shared Report, so all users can run it? 3,602 Jan 18, 2011 
FAQ1168 User accounts get locked out when authenticating with Radius Server 3,565 Dec 3, 2010 
FAQ1007 What are some tips for debugging the Web UI, and XML issues on Director, versions, and later. 8,063 Sep 10, 2010 
FAQ1004 What is the difference between "Total Log lines" and "Current Log lines" 4,242 Sep 9, 2010 
FAQ847 Configuration Error when attempting to load a Database. 3,511 Jun 1, 2010 
FAQ846 Running the same version of Reporter and processing the same access logs on two different servers, can produce different results in reports. 4,103 May 28, 2010 
FAQ828 What are the affects of turning off The Page View combiner in Reporter, version 9.x. 5,238 May 7, 2010 
FAQ809 How does the event log ( journal), in Reporter Version 9.x get rotated? 3,703 Apr 19, 2010 
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