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KB5558 I've restricted user access in Active Directory, and now the restricted users can't access the Internet. 1,095  
KB6166 User is seen as Non-interactive user when using Threatpulse Unified Agent with Checkpoint EPS 247 31 days ago 
KB6165 Client not found in Kerberos database 270 31 days ago 
KB6162 How to enable the proxy to use multiple IPs to connect to the upstream 306 34 days ago 
KB6154 Using the ProxySG, how do I allow a single Google doc? 367 42 days ago 
KB6151 I am unable to downgrade from SGOS 6.x to SGOS 5.4.x on a newly received RMA box 185 44 days ago 
KB6147 How can I automate the configuration of single-sign-on settings on Firefox browsers? 505 46 days ago 
KB6127 Can I edit the the Accelerator Cookie used for forwarding load balancing? 334 52 days ago 
KB6109 Errors in SSL after replacing the SSL-Interception certificate 1,137 68 days ago 
KB6103 Error "Policy installation abandoned" when installing policy through VPM in SGOS 411 72 days ago 
KB4519 How Attack-detection works on the ProxySG appliance. 4,158 72 days ago 
KB5487 FTP fails when using FQDN in an explicit proxy deployment 1,078 73 days ago 
KB6091 Why does the antivirus file update fail on the ProxyAV appliance 373 80 days ago 
KB6084 High Memory Pressure in LSA component 452 85 days ago 
KB6077 Proxy Client web filtering delegation fails when an inline ProxySG appliance challenges users to authenticate 569 85 days ago 
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