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FAQ2993 What makes up the "Resource Load" display under Monitor>Appliance>Performance 607 68 days ago 
FAQ2935 What is the "http:client-bytes" that shows in my sysinfo? 664 92 days ago 
FAQ2882 Slow response back to client PC when there is a faulty disk on the SG unit 507 141 days ago 
FAQ2870 What is the high temperature threshold of my ProxySG appliance and other system components? 726 152 days ago 
FAQ2797 Apple IOS update 7 is not being served from Cacheflow. 1,587 211 days ago 
FAQ2710 How can we change the MTU size of a ProxyAV box? 775 268 days ago 
FAQ2666 What is the percentage in terms of CPU utilization when enabling CPU Monitor? 529 285 days ago 
FAQ2529 Refering to article (FAQ2468 Cygwin upload), how much improvement is attainable by using this method? 670 362 days ago 
FAQ2528 What is the default DNS cache expiration time in the ProxySG appliance and can I change it? 1,240 362 days ago 
FAQ2071 What is the functionality of the "crumbsperclasscount" variable? 1,768 Apr 11, 2012 
FAQ1872 How does the web server expire a cached object? 4,199 Jan 30, 2012 
FAQ1744 Can two NICs in a ProxySG appliance be configured for load balancing or redundancy? 1,813 Dec 5, 2011 
FAQ1695 Why am I getting the error "Authentication failed from x.x.x.x: user 'unknown user' (realm myiwa)" 3,840 Nov 4, 2011 
FAQ1672 How can I check my DNS server perfomance on my network? 7,147 Oct 26, 2011 
FAQ1491 Will reducing the TCP 2msl value helps in reducing CPU utilization ? 3,542 Aug 5, 2011 
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