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KB4354 What to expect from Blue Coat Triage when having ProxySG issues with a particular website 9,358 34 days ago 
KB6142 Unable to download Microsoft Windows updates. (Cloud Service) 140 48 days ago 
KB6138 user.login.log_out_other policy might not logout authenticated users 657 50 days ago 
KB6134 Getting authentication popups when authenticating on a child and a parent (upstream/downstream) proxy 597 52 days ago 
KB6128 How to start the Sun One Directory Server on startup if the service fails to register on Windows Server 2008 309 54 days ago 
KB6122 How do I block / stop a Java application update in transparent ProxySG? 565 56 days ago 
KB6113 Error occurred while loading VPM policy due to an invalid character 508 67 days ago 
KB6073 What does this warning, received while installing policy, mean? - URL includes scheme and/or port components which shall be ignored. 466 89 days ago 
KB6070 Policy not matching when trying to control a URL containing a query string 657 90 days ago 
KB6029 IPv6 address in Combined Object does not match after upgrading from SG to SG 652 118 days ago 
KB6028 Authenticated user is treated as unauthenticated when a Category condition is present 931 118 days ago 
KB5352 How do I allow a single URL/website when the ProxySG appliance's default policy is set to Deny, or the URL category is denied? 3,889 148 days ago 
KB5959 Two-way URL rewrite breaks when a URL scheme contains an uppercase character 1,573 164 days ago 
KB5224 Can ProxySG control Dropbox access? 2,485 172 days ago 
KB5907 Adobe update fails due to Preventing Malware policies with Blue Coat Proxies 1,691 200 days ago 
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