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FAQ2985 How to download and install the Windows MSI file for Unified Agent (with password protection) 219 66 days ago 
FAQ2866 Does ProxyClient support Windows 8? 925 148 days ago 
FAQ2803 How to verify ProxyClient web filtering is not disabled or tampered with in a remote machine 780 203 days ago 
FAQ2739 How the ProxyClient Web Filtering Policies Apply for Users and Domain Groups 765 241 days ago 
FAQ2720 About ProxyClient Web Filtering Licensing 1,011 260 days ago 
FAQ2718 Can the ProxyClient be uninstalled if the Web filtering access logging is not uploaded to FTP server? 540 261 days ago 
FAQ2717 What happens to the ProxyClient access logs if ProxyClient is uninstalled? 534 261 days ago 
FAQ2716 When will my new ProxyClient uninstallation password take effect? 471 261 days ago 
FAQ2715 Does ProxyClient allocate Cache Disk Space if Acceleration is not in use? 527 261 days ago 
FAQ2196 ProxyClient has an Update Available message even though the version installed is newer than ProxyClient Manager version 587 287 days ago 
FAQ2591 What are the substitution variables which can be used in customizing the exception page in ProxyClient? 541 304 days ago 
FAQ2560 How do I disable the Proxy Client tray icon in Windows? 1,027 330 days ago 
FAQ2531 The proxyclient policy on ProxyClient manager currently does not support the application control feature availabe on VPM on newer SGOS 736 356 days ago 
FAQ2526 What is the update interval the ProxyClient checks for the update with the client manager? 688 356 days ago 
FAQ2493 Why does the ProxyClient software sometimes change to a different version after upgrading Client Manager to SGOS 1,492 Mar 27, 2013 
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