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KB5389 How do I update Director's BCWF category list? 2,267  
KB6117 Install screen hangs when booting off a USB drive to install Director (SGME) 5.x 374 56 days ago 
KB5710 Cannot access the Proxy from Director, getting error " Could not launch Management console bluecoat.sgos.ui.MC_Panel" 1,484 300 days ago 
KB5138 httpd service does not start on Director 5.5.x 2,512 315 days ago 
KB4847 How do I manually migrate the configuration from my Director appliance running SGME 5.x to my Director running v6.x? 2,542 Jan 5, 2012 
KB4831 Using a overlay file with WCCP settings fails to refresh 2,702 Dec 19, 2011 
KB4829 Static routes disappear after a rollback 2,527 Dec 15, 2011 
KB4772 How to use the APIs as provided by Director? 2,183 Nov 28, 2011 
KB4759 How can I create, and manage users on my Director appliance? 4,736 Nov 18, 2011 
KB4737 How do I create a URL list using the Director Management Console? 3,028 Nov 1, 2011 
KB4651 Storing and serving ProxySG upgrade images on a Director appliance 1,364 Sep 27, 2011 
KB4634 How do I create a Job that ensures my BlueCoat Web Filter database is up to date? 2,563 Sep 20, 2011 
KB4792 How do I create a Job that sends out a SSL certificate to the network of SG appliances? 1,767 Sep 20, 2011 
KB4564 "Unable to launch the application." error when logging into the Director management console 2,648 Aug 10, 2011 
KB4557 How do I use the SSH-RSA options on the Director Management Console? 2,887 Aug 5, 2011 
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