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KB5389 How do I update Director's BCWF category list? 2,270  
KB6117 Install screen hangs when booting off a USB drive to install Director (SGME) 5.x 374 57 days ago 
KB5710 Cannot access the Proxy from Director, getting error " Could not launch Management console bluecoat.sgos.ui.MC_Panel" 1,487 301 days ago 
KB5138 httpd service does not start on Director 5.5.x 2,513 316 days ago 
KB4847 How do I manually migrate the configuration from my Director appliance running SGME 5.x to my Director running v6.x? 2,544 Jan 5, 2012 
KB4831 Using a overlay file with WCCP settings fails to refresh 2,702 Dec 19, 2011 
KB4829 Static routes disappear after a rollback 2,527 Dec 15, 2011 
KB4772 How to use the APIs as provided by Director? 2,183 Nov 28, 2011 
KB4759 How can I create, and manage users on my Director appliance? 4,740 Nov 18, 2011 
KB4737 How do I create a URL list using the Director Management Console? 3,030 Nov 1, 2011 
KB4634 How do I create a Job that ensures my BlueCoat Web Filter database is up to date? 2,563 Sep 20, 2011 
KB4792 How do I create a Job that sends out a SSL certificate to the network of SG appliances? 1,767 Sep 20, 2011 
KB4557 How do I use the SSH-RSA options on the Director Management Console? 2,887 Aug 5, 2011 
KB4515 How do I configure Director to scan a CIFS server, using the Content Sync Module? 2,323 Jul 13, 2011 
KB4482 How do I configure Director to crawl a website, using the Content Sync Module? 2,775 Jul 13, 2011 
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