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KB5042 Session Monitor might ignore Accounting packet that contains the Proxy-State attribute and reports Too many Proxy-State attributes 1,407 Apr 3, 2012 
KB5041 Session Monitor bin cannot be synchronized after the Session Monitor service or proxy is restarted 1,284 Apr 2, 2012 
KB5008 IPv6 configurations for ADN Primary Manager IP, Backup Manager IP and External VIP configuration are not displayed in the show configuration output 1,415 Mar 18, 2012 
KB5006 When a static route is expanded, SNMP traffic is not responded through the new interface/route 2,119 Mar 18, 2012 
KB4868 A Redirect Action policy rule might not take effect under certain conditions 4,337 Jan 16, 2012 
KB4865 Value of ‘tcp-keepalive-timeout’ is not included in the Sysinfo and Configuration Archive 2,879 Jan 15, 2012 
KB4862 Reflect_ip() policy is not working for intercepted HTTPS traffic based on Authenticated User 1,790 Jan 13, 2012 
KB4810 HTTP Client Workers not released when Form-based authentication mode is used 1,829 Dec 12, 2011 
KB4809 User-defined Exceptions cannot be deleted after being viewed as HTML 1,901 Dec 12, 2011 
KB4805 Buttons that open pop-up windows no longer work with Internet Explorer after updating to JRE 1.6 Update 27 and newer versions 1,527 Dec 11, 2011 
KB4698 How to use Wireshark to capture a packet trace as part of troubleshooting a network/connectivity issue. 4,384 Oct 14, 2011 
KB4676 What TCP source ports are used by the ProxySG and how do I manage them? 6,733 Oct 5, 2011 
KB4573 Session Monitor may fail occasionally due to socket failure 1,833 Aug 17, 2011 
KB4480 After upgrading from SGOS 5 to 6, my SGOS configuration appears gone 5,597 Jul 13, 2011 
KB3047 Configuring guest authentication policies on a ProxySG running SGOS 5.3.x and above 9,094 May 31, 2011 
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