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KB4354 What to expect from Blue Coat Triage when having ProxySG issues with a particular website 9,342 32 days ago 
KB6098 Error "Entries in TCP queue" (TCP1.51) on /TCP/Summary page 474 76 days ago 
KB5352 How do I allow a single URL/website when the ProxySG appliance's default policy is set to Deny, or the URL category is denied? 3,883 147 days ago 
KB5936 videos do not stream through the ProxySG appliance in explicit deployment 1,558 183 days ago 
KB5241 ProxySG treats BBC iPlayer Flash content as HTTP 2,184 214 days ago 
KB5829 Filtering YouTube videos based on their category 2,040 249 days ago 
KB5711 How to troubleshoot RTMP / Flash streaming video 3,361 304 days ago 
KB5065 How do I use policy to block or deny a single YouTube video? 2,911 355 days ago 
KB5471 Unable to view videos from Youtube with iPhone or iPad due to Range header and reuse of HTTP Client Persistent connections 2,844 Feb 3, 2013 
KB5264 Unable to play videos from over HTTP Proxy 1,624 Aug 19, 2012 
KB5003 Controlling March Madness with ProxySG 2,208 Mar 15, 2012 
KB4875 How to fix Flash tunneling issues where content stops playing in the middle of a stream. 4,208 Jan 18, 2012 
KB4781 Swapping Flash videos causes slow response on the web browser 2,382 Nov 30, 2011 
KB4750 Unable to play Flash video behind HTTP Proxy. Works fine with Microsoft ISA Server 5,012 Nov 14, 2011 
KB4372 How can I block Netflix? 3,700 Apr 5, 2011 
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