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KB5558 I've restricted user access in Active Directory, and now the restricted users can't access the Internet. 1,135  
KB6212 IWA Direct Authentication not connected to the primary DC 1 22 hours ago 
KB6190 unable to download files from 76 20 days ago 
KB6162 How to enable the proxy to use multiple IPs to connect to the upstream 336 39 days ago 
KB6154 Using the ProxySG, how do I allow a single Google doc? 398 48 days ago 
KB6152 The ProxySG, with Cisco IPsec VPN using TCP transport, fails to connect via TCP tunnel 558 49 days ago 
KB6151 I am unable to downgrade from SGOS 6.x to SGOS 5.4.x on a newly received RMA box 211 49 days ago 
KB6126 Why does my proxy display "interface not intercepting" under Active Sessions-> Bypassed connections 328 58 days ago 
KB6122 How do I block / stop a Java application update in transparent ProxySG? 598 59 days ago 
KB6109 Errors in SSL after replacing the SSL-Interception certificate 1,198 73 days ago 
KB6103 Error "Policy installation abandoned" when installing policy through VPM in SGOS 430 77 days ago 
KB6084 High Memory Pressure in LSA component 468 90 days ago 
KB6056 How to configure a Cacheflow to intercept Viber traffic 745 100 days ago 
KB4541 Which type of authentication mode should be used for specific proxy deployments? 7,092 102 days ago 
KB6026 How do you forward traffic to a site whose name can't be resolved by DNS 1,778 122 days ago 
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