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FAQ3060 Why do valid users get logged as guest on ProxySG; (invalid_surrogate)? 243 13 days ago 
FAQ3048 How do I separate authentication requests for users on unique AD Domains through my ProxySG using BCAAA? 419 20 days ago 
FAQ3036 Why should I use IWA direct instead of BCAAA for IWA? 348 28 days ago 
FAQ3032 How frequently does a ProxySG check the preferred domain controller (DC) in IWA Direct? 27 30 days ago 
FAQ3021 How BCAAA Server find the Domain Controller / decides which Domain Controller to query? 367 35 days ago 
FAQ3018 Why does IWA Direct fail after changing DNS settings? 649 36 days ago 
FAQ3011 How to use Cookie based authentication in an explicit environment 544 46 days ago 
FAQ2977 How can I use Reporter to find out which client issue is generating Event ID 1306? 310 70 days ago 
FAQ2963 Is it possible to view group membership of a user from ProxySG? 646 76 days ago 
FAQ2931 How to point IWA-Direct to specific Domain Controllers 431 89 days ago 
FAQ2888 You tried to add a IWA Direct Realm and receive the error LW_ERROR_LDAP_NO_SUCH_ATTRIBUTE. What does this error mean? 1,905 130 days ago 
FAQ2879 Set up TACACS+ authentication to Director on Cisco ACS server 696 138 days ago 
FAQ2878 Set up RADIUS authentication to Director on Cisco ACS server 712 138 days ago 
FAQ2644 What to check when IWA health check is failing ? 698 282 days ago 
FAQ2541 How to allow Yahoo Messenger in explicit mode 1,556 344 days ago 
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