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FAQ3006 Blocking Facebook content from other web sites 851 50 days ago 
FAQ2935 What is the "http:client-bytes" that shows in my sysinfo? 584 87 days ago 
FAQ2924 Java application is not working when going via explicate SG unit 350 98 days ago 
FAQ2857 How can I customize the default exception tcp_error? 1,801 156 days ago 
FAQ2856 Why does the tcp_error exception display instead of my custom exception page? 1,150 156 days ago 
FAQ2709 Why do my PCAPs show an HTTP RESPONSE from the proxy as HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden (text/html)? 1,027 263 days ago 
FAQ2628 What is the CPL to disable detect_protocol for a specific target website only for iPhone / iPad devices? 809 291 days ago 
FAQ2612 (Cloud) ThreatPulse Client Connector redirects me to other country's datapod. 967 301 days ago 
FAQ2534 Why is configuration required on Citrix Receiver (client) behind the ProxySG appliance? 2,860 353 days ago 
FAQ2312 Why do I have to bypass Authentication for Apple devices? 3,617 Oct 2, 2012 
FAQ1916 Can user access through a Blackberry Enterprise Server be used in conjunction with User Notify/Coaching pages? 1,654 Feb 23, 2012 
FAQ1872 How does the web server expire a cached object? 4,133 Jan 30, 2012 
FAQ1855 Using social networking controls 2,831 Jan 25, 2012 
FAQ1760 When does ICAP RESPMOD support 'fail_open'? 1,488 Dec 11, 2011 
FAQ1759 What are the cases where an ICAP REQMOD does NOT support 'fail_open'? 1,577 Dec 11, 2011 
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