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FAQ2980 What port is recognized Cloud when I access method by "Remote user access method"? 393  
FAQ2447 How do I write policy to detect the apparent data type for files users are requesting? 3,569 50 days ago 
FAQ2968 How do I allow Skydrive when blocking/Denying File Storage/Sharing category 1,043 77 days ago 
FAQ2935 What is the "http:client-bytes" that shows in my sysinfo? 575 86 days ago 
FAQ2870 What is the high temperature threshold of my ProxySG appliance and other system components? 669 146 days ago 
FAQ2865 Why proxySG is making outbound HTTP POST request even though the inbound client request is denied by policy 1,140 148 days ago 
FAQ2857 How can I customize the default exception tcp_error? 1,790 155 days ago 
FAQ2211 Which files and URLs should be used to monitor ProxySG configuration changes? 1,631 171 days ago 
FAQ2597 What is the CPL to block/deny certain client IP addresses when trying to access a website? 828 302 days ago 
FAQ2585 Can I modify the default policy created on PacketShaper /Inbound/Default and /Outbound/Default classes? 541 309 days ago 
FAQ2312 Why do I have to bypass Authentication for Apple devices? 3,614 Oct 2, 2012 
FAQ2192 What is the difference between the cache-control directive and the Pragma directive in a header? 599 Jun 21, 2012 
FAQ2144 Can I invoke a notify-user function only when the user performs a POST operation? 852 May 23, 2012 
FAQ2097 How do I configure attack-detection mode for a server or a server group? 2,067 Apr 23, 2012 
FAQ2065 Does PacketShaper send tcp-zero window packet in TCP rate control environment? 1,438 Apr 9, 2012 
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