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FAQ2917 Bandwidth Class is not displayed 397 104 days ago 
FAQ2851 How can I manually upload Reporter Diagnostic Files if ./bcrdiagnostics built-in command is not working? 912 165 days ago 
FAQ2673 How to configure HTTP Debug levels in the newer SGOS versions 740 279 days ago 
FAQ1337 How do I run the hardware diagnostics on the SG9000, SG900, SG600, SG300, CF5000 and CF500 appliances? 8,982 Mar 29, 2013 
FAQ1921 Incorrectly configured SMTP server can result in high memory utilization. 2,925 Feb 23, 2012 
FAQ1896 How to configure HTTP access to the management GUI from the command line 1,942 Feb 14, 2012 
FAQ1806 How do I obtain and upload simultaneous packet capture and support trace of an issue on ProxyClient? 1,355 Jan 6, 2012 
FAQ1793 How do I create a packet capture filter to capture HTTP GET requests? 4,709 Jan 3, 2012 
FAQ1360 Why does the IP Checksum Header appear as 0x0000 on an SG300 and SG600? 5,891 Apr 29, 2011 
FAQ1279 How do I check the system uptime in ProxySG using the command line interface (CLI) 5,856 Feb 24, 2011 
FAQ1250 How to gather a packet capture and debug information for a case with Blue Coat Support? 7,289 Jan 24, 2011 
FAQ1249 How to gather and upload data required to further troubleshoot a policy issue? 3,817 Jan 24, 2011 
FAQ1242 What information is transmitted in the ProxySG heartbeats? 2,394 Jan 20, 2011 
FAQ1231 I have just upgraded to SGOS v5.5. Why do clients on my network receive an exception page when an HTTP network failure occurs? 2,665 Jan 16, 2011 
FAQ1175 How do I create a CacheFlow access log facility that shows only traffic for specific client or destination domain? 2,613 Dec 7, 2010 
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