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FAQ2991 Nothing Happens when I try to upgrade my DLP from 8.0 to 8.1 226 63 days ago 
FAQ2972 Can I set up notifications for Discovery Incidents on the DLP appliance 288 76 days ago 
FAQ2404 Does the ProxySG appliance support multiple ICAP devices on the same mode (REQMOD or RESPMOD)? 1,265 80 days ago 
FAQ2345 The ProxyAV is unable to update Virus definition even after successfully downloading the definition file. 1,548 127 days ago 
FAQ2885 How do I create a Diagnostic report on the DLP appliance? 209 135 days ago 
FAQ2121 How do I change the ProxySG appliance CLI enable password? 6,772 253 days ago 
FAQ2670 How do I enable/disable automatic updates of root CA certificates? 603 276 days ago 
FAQ2646 How do I upgrade the DLP appliance? 488 283 days ago 
FAQ1953 Does the DLP appliance update the system log when the CPU and Memory utilization exceed a certain threshold? 1,429 Feb 28, 2012 
FAQ1948 Why isn't the Destination shown within the Incident Report after a protection policy detects email sent from Webmail? 614 Feb 27, 2012 
FAQ1890 Why doesn't the static route information take effect on the DLP appliance? 798 Jan 17, 2012 
FAQ1832 DLP - Why is static route information not taking effect? 702 Jan 17, 2012 
FAQ1760 When does ICAP RESPMOD support 'fail_open'? 1,482 Dec 11, 2011 
FAQ1759 What are the cases where an ICAP REQMOD does NOT support 'fail_open'? 1,576 Dec 11, 2011 
FAQ1758 When does an ICAP REQMOD request 'fail_open'? 1,342 Dec 11, 2011 
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