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FAQ2888 You tried to add a IWA Direct Realm and receive the error LW_ERROR_LDAP_NO_SUCH_ATTRIBUTE. What does this error mean? 2,014 135 days ago 
FAQ1805 Windows client PC users faced with the problem of Anonymous User 4,643 Jan 6, 2012 
FAQ898 Window SSO authentication may get "NetServerEnum Got an error 6118", can use windows utility "browstat status -v " to check 4,814 Jul 16, 2010 
FAQ2647 Why is the Policy Trace file showing up empty? 844 285 days ago 
FAQ1461 Why is the FTP user's home directory inaccessible when client is in FTP passive mode? 2,354 Jul 22, 2011 
FAQ2751 Why in access logs I see only one category while the URL falls into more than one category 1,602 235 days ago 
FAQ2822 Why doesn't "Illuminate Live" connect through the ProxySG appliance? 422 184 days ago 
FAQ1565 Why does the content filter download or other proxy-initiated HTTPS requests fail? 1,632 Sep 13, 2011 
FAQ1360 Why does the IP Checksum Header appear as 0x0000 on an SG300 and SG600? 5,889 Apr 29, 2011 
FAQ2809 Why does my SSL Access Layer get triggered even when there is no SSL traffic? 783 197 days ago 
FAQ3018 Why does IWA Direct fail after changing DNS settings? 798 40 days ago 
FAQ539 Why do access logs in NCSA format sometimes have the host name in a URL and other times it is missing? 3,134 Oct 13, 2009 
FAQ2105 Why do I intermittently receive the message: "Connection to the SG has been lost. The Management Console is logging out" 1,617 May 15, 2012 
FAQ2312 Why do I have to bypass Authentication for Apple devices? 3,645 Oct 2, 2012 
FAQ2690 Why do Adobe Connect sessions restart after a few seconds through explicit proxy? 1,855 274 days ago 
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