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FAQ1425 How do I disable the passthrough card/hardware bridge on a ProxySG appliance? 2,574 Jul 13, 2011 
FAQ1451 I have more than one ProxySG with WCCP implementation, why traffic is not fully balanced out within the ProxySG within the same WCCP pool? 2,593 Jul 20, 2011 
FAQ2441 What does SYN Flood attack mean in the CacheFlow Appliance event log? 2,612 60 days ago 
FAQ896 Is it possible to create a policy that does category based routing? 2,619 Jul 16, 2010 
FAQ1170 Does the SGOS support Reflect IP for SOCKS UDP Associate ? 2,621 Dec 6, 2010 
FAQ1231 I have just upgraded to SGOS v5.5. Why do clients on my network receive an exception page when an HTTP network failure occurs? 2,680 Jan 16, 2011 
FAQ1858 How Does Reverse DNS lookup affect policy for sites using wildcard certificate in a transparent proxy environment? 2,694 Jan 25, 2012 
FAQ994 Can the value of the maximum segment size [MSS] on the ProxySG be changed? 2,782 Sep 6, 2010 
FAQ1341 When i run a packet capture on a VLAN interface and filter on a workstation's IP address, I get no captured packets. What could be the problem? 2,810 Apr 13, 2011 
FAQ596 How do I translate the output of show ip-route-table ? 2,825 Nov 23, 2009 
FAQ1601 When trying to connect to a FTP Site it takes 60 seconds to respond to any command 2,839 Sep 30, 2011 
FAQ274 Does SGOS 4.x support the feature "trust destination IP"? 2,905 Jul 27, 2009 
FAQ975 Does the ProxySG support IEEE Link Aggregation Control Protocol (eg. EtherChannel, NIC teaming, NIC bonding, link bundling)? 3,024 Aug 29, 2010 
FAQ186 Why do my users keep hitting the attack detection connection limit after upgrading to SGOS 5.x? 3,061 Jun 24, 2009 
FAQ865 Whats the difference between the DNS recursion option on the proxy and the "Recusion Desired" flag in the DNS request made by the proxy? 3,091 Jun 21, 2010 
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