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FAQ3009 Why isn't PacketShaper discovering traffic classes based on services like HTTP or SSL? 280 49 days ago 
FAQ2975 Why does my PacketShaper upgrade show an error? (ERROR 1600: The new PacketShaper image could not be downloaded.) 423 75 days ago 
FAQ3016 Why does PacketShaper history reporting peak-rate graph show zero but average-rate graph show non-zero? 355 40 days ago 
FAQ2422 Why do some Host IP addresses in Host Analysis show zero (0) connections yet also show current bandwidth utilization? 973 Feb 3, 2013 
FAQ2816 Why can't a policy be applied on some of the traffic classes? 636 186 days ago 
FAQ2923 Why can't I upgrade my PacketWise software? 639 100 days ago 
FAQ2348 Why am I unable to receive syslog message from PacketShaper? 1,368 Nov 20, 2012 
FAQ2725 When upgrading software on PacketShaper, is there any upgrade path to follow? 927 260 days ago 
FAQ2402 What is the maximum number of Active Directory users supported for different PacketShaper models? 1,135 Jan 16, 2013 
FAQ2714 What is the maximum file size for packet capture logs on PacketShaper? 597 263 days ago 
FAQ2071 What is the functionality of the "crumbsperclasscount" variable? 1,746 Apr 11, 2012 
FAQ2842 What is the difference between rate and priority policies? 591 172 days ago 
FAQ2847 What is the default MTU size on PacketShaper? 614 166 days ago 
FAQ3019 What is the command to delete a disconnected PacketShaper in PolicyCenter? 273 39 days ago 
FAQ2740 What is the SNMP OID for PacketShaper 12000 interface status? 810 243 days ago 
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