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FAQ3019 What is the command to delete a disconnected PacketShaper in PolicyCenter? 241 37 days ago 
FAQ2418 PacketShaper unexpectedly loads previous image 1,199 79 days ago 
FAQ2799 How do I configure Cisco ACS 5.2 for PacketShaper and PolicyCenter TACACS authentication? 600 205 days ago 
FAQ2508 How to perform "Clean Up Units" (Remove disconnected PacketShaper) in PolicyCenter CLI 455 Apr 13, 2013 
FAQ1887 How can I obtain my PolicyCenter license file? 1,209 Feb 9, 2012 
FAQ1590 Can I use a NAT IP address with PolicyCenter? 795 Sep 28, 2011 
FAQ1575 How can we stop auto synchronization between PolicyCenter and PacketShaper? 1,083 Sep 21, 2011 
FAQ1328 The PolicyCenter file distribution server is not fetching the latest PacketShaper software image listed on Blue Coat's BTO download site. 1,399 Apr 1, 2011 
FAQ1115 What are the issues and implications of running teamed NICs in IntelligenceCenter and PolicyCenter? 2,156 Nov 5, 2010 
FAQ745 Are there any computer based trainings (CBTs) on getting started with Blue Coat PolicyCenter? 1,993 Mar 2, 2010 
FAQ488 How do I remove all the confuguration in PolicyCenter Server? 1,487 Sep 30, 2009 
FAQ163 How do I change the IP address of PolicyCenter? 2,103 Jun 17, 2009 
FAQ129 How does plugin prescribe mechanism work between PolicyCenter and Packetshapers 2,335 Jun 2, 2009 
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