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FAQ2854 ProxyAV: Which Network Time Protocol (NTP) server is in use when I have more than one NTP entry added? 438 23 hours ago 
FAQ3084 How to submit logs from ProxyAV unit to a Blue Coat support case. 17 1 day ago 
FAQ3049 Why does the AV810 appliance fail to real its serial number after upgrade? 16 17 days ago 
FAQ2477 I am seeing lots of logs on the eventlog indicating "ISTAG change." What is ISTAG? Is this a problem? 985 29 days ago 
FAQ2404 Does the ProxySG appliance support multiple ICAP devices on the same mode (REQMOD or RESPMOD)? 1,265 80 days ago 
FAQ2345 The ProxyAV is unable to update Virus definition even after successfully downloading the definition file. 1,548 127 days ago 
FAQ2892 How do I exempt a single domain from ICAP max file size errors? 705 128 days ago 
FAQ2793 How to create new SSL Keyrings in ProxyAV 531 207 days ago 
FAQ2731 How to determine if the ProxyAV caught a virus 402 247 days ago 
FAQ2710 How can we change the MTU size of a ProxyAV box? 722 262 days ago 
FAQ2674 Not able to select certain file types under ‘Managed Files by File Types’ on AVOS 1,376 275 days ago 
FAQ2672 What is ICTM? What do I get ICTM errors 1,435 275 days ago 
FAQ2634 FAQs on AVOS Licensing Subsystem Upgrade (LSU) 846 289 days ago 
FAQ2595 How do I create an access list on a ProxyAV appliance? 541 303 days ago 
FAQ2564 What is Treat Suspicious Files As Infected Files? 577 325 days ago 
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