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FAQ2147 How does the ProxySG appliance detect SQL injection attacks? 3,269  
FAQ2349 How to remove PAC file contents from the proxy configuration 2,971  
FAQ2252 How do you prevent untrusted certificate errors when not using SSL? 5,937  
FAQ2478 Can the built-in ProxySG failover feature redirect traffic from one network segment to another if a switch/firewall fails? 2,302  
FAQ2240 Which ISPs are required to support SmartFilter? 3,571  
FAQ2428 How can I determine what causes an obscure event log health check warning? 3,930  
FAQ3041 What does testing result of BCWF mean? 78 4 days ago 
FAQ2480 Why has the ProxySG appliance failed to install the latest ProxyClient software correctly (and the version displayed is not the latest)? 774 4 days ago 
FAQ3044 IWF "Unlicenced" and "Unavailable" Messages are appearing in the event logs and/or access logs 74 5 days ago 
FAQ3081 How many core image files can be stored on the ProxySG? 123 9 days ago 
FAQ3074 How can I show LDAP DN attribute details in the access log? 142 16 days ago 
FAQ3073 I can't access Office365 from IE8 110 16 days ago 
FAQ3072 How to join a Windows Domain 183 16 days ago 
FAQ3068 Can I add virtual disks to the ProxySG Secure Web Gateway VA after initial deployment? 163 17 days ago 
FAQ3065 How does the ProxySG appliance handle SMBv3 83 18 days ago 
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