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FAQ992 Can I connect to an ICAP server via an auxilliary port on the ProxySG? 3,101 Sep 5, 2010 
FAQ956 What is TCP Loss Recovery / Bypass-keep-alive / Fast-retransmit 5,027 Aug 11, 2010 
FAQ938 How do I export/import a ProxySG appliance key? 6,919 Aug 2, 2010 
FAQ548 How to redirect to an URL/page when transparent IWA authentication fails. 5,233 Oct 20, 2009 
FAQ476 Does BlueCoat WebFilter ever use DNS as part of categorization process? 3,974 Sep 24, 2009 
FAQ2734 How to Hot Swap a hard disk on ProxySG and CacheFlow products 2,199 245 days ago 
FAQ2733 How to show all the groups the user belongs to that applied to the policy on the Access Logs when the user is trying to access HTTP website 2,951 245 days ago 
FAQ2675 Can I control the type of content that is added to an Access Log? 2,513 274 days ago 
FAQ2664 What is a routing loop? How do I detect a routing loop in a PCAP? 2,426 279 days ago 
FAQ2581 How to create a custom authentication form 2,503 310 days ago 
FAQ2542 How do I filter non-SSL Intercepted HTTPS traffic on a Transparently deployed Proxy. 2,947 344 days ago 
FAQ2516 Why does the Policy not restore properly when the VPM-CPL content is copied over 2,918 364 days ago 
FAQ2482 How to configure Cisco ACS to work with the ProxySG appliance 2,526 Mar 25, 2013 
FAQ2478 Can the built-in ProxySG failover feature redirect traffic from one network segment to another if a switch/firewall fails? 2,159  
FAQ2471 How do I disable the message users see for sitereview in exception pages? 2,198 Mar 14, 2013 
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