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FAQ3068 Can I add virtual disks to the ProxySG Secure Web Gateway VA after initial deployment? 171 19 days ago 
FAQ3004 Do I need a BCWF account or subscription for SWG VA 285 57 days ago 
FAQ2994 How do I disable attack detection connection-limits for a single IP address? 1,369 68 days ago 
FAQ2988 Why is test ADN no longer available in the CLI of the Proxy SG Virtual Appliance? 464 69 days ago 
FAQ2908 How to install the ProxySG appliance's default certificate in Firefox 1,908 124 days ago 
FAQ2890 Is HLS and HDS streaming supported by the ProxySG? Does interception of HLS or HDS require a Flash license? 1,147 134 days ago 
FAQ2827 How to use WGET for FTP through the ProxySG appliance 1,781 186 days ago 
FAQ2664 What is a routing loop? How do I detect a routing loop in a PCAP? 2,536 285 days ago 
FAQ2581 How to create a custom authentication form 2,596 316 days ago 
FAQ2542 How do I filter non-SSL Intercepted HTTPS traffic on a Transparently deployed Proxy. 3,022 350 days ago 
FAQ2516 Why does the Policy not restore properly when the VPM-CPL content is copied over 2,982  
FAQ2482 How to configure Cisco ACS to work with the ProxySG appliance 2,624 Mar 25, 2013 
FAQ2471 How do I disable the message users see for sitereview in exception pages? 2,294 Mar 14, 2013 
FAQ2367 Why can't I access the nist.time.gov website? 3,550 124 days ago 
FAQ2147 How does the ProxySG appliance detect SQL injection attacks? 3,324  
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