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FAQ2896 Does ProxySG support the SPDY protocol? 776 125 days ago 
FAQ2353 How can I send service information from a Proxy SG to Blue Coat to update a Service Request? 1,277 Nov 22, 2012 
FAQ1897 Why can I not automatically boot into an OS version that has been marked as FAILED? 3,585 Feb 14, 2012 
FAQ1793 How do I create a packet capture filter to capture HTTP GET requests? 4,640 Jan 3, 2012 
FAQ1551 How can I find my Cloud Subscription ID in the Cloud Portal? 1,298 Sep 12, 2011 
FAQ1513 What Are The Different Support Severity Levels? 1,075 Aug 18, 2011 
FAQ1250 How to gather a packet capture and debug information for a case with Blue Coat Support? 7,257 Jan 24, 2011 
FAQ1249 How to gather and upload data required to further troubleshoot a policy issue? 3,790 Jan 24, 2011 
FAQ1175 How do I create a CacheFlow access log facility that shows only traffic for specific client or destination domain? 2,578 Dec 7, 2010 
FAQ659 How can I change my password after I log in? 1,479 Dec 17, 2009 
FAQ658 How can I change my contact information (email address, phone number)? 1,162 Dec 17, 2009 
FAQ657 I am a partner with Blue Coat Systems and I would like a login to the partner support portal. Is this the same as a BlueTouch Online Login? 1,390 Dec 17, 2009 
FAQ656 Why can't I use my personal email address as a BlueTouch Online Login? 1,302 Dec 17, 2009 
FAQ655 What if I forget my BTO login password? 1,513 Dec 17, 2009 
FAQ654 How long will it take to approve my BlueTouch Online Login request? 1,546 Dec 17, 2009 
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