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FAQ3081 How many core image files can be stored on the ProxySG? 48 4 days ago 
FAQ3064 Does the ProxySG appliance have a CLI command to terminate active sessions? 111 13 days ago 
FAQ2477 I am seeing lots of logs on the eventlog indicating "ISTAG change." What is ISTAG? Is this a problem? 979 27 days ago 
FAQ3030 Can I use policy substitutions in a regular expression (Regex) policy? 301 32 days ago 
FAQ3023 Is there a way to create VPM objects and rules other than using the VPM in the Web Console? 214 35 days ago 
FAQ870 Where to find the SSL Proxy certificate cache? 2,171 69 days ago 
FAQ2969 Link propagation does not seem to work on fiber optic network module 808 75 days ago 
FAQ2884 How to add a forwarding host entry on the proxy and force an HTTPS connection to a server 836 133 days ago 
FAQ2881 How to restrict Explicit HTTP service on port 8080 to a specific subnet 649 134 days ago 
FAQ2853 How do I send and/or locate a memory core after an unexpected restart on the ProxySG appliance? 906 159 days ago 
FAQ2852 Where can I get an SGOS Patch? 870 160 days ago 
FAQ2817 Is Digest authentication (for LDAP authentication schemes) supported on the ProxySG appliance? 2,039 182 days ago 
FAQ2806 What categories on BCWF are changing? Why are these changes being made? What happens to the data in the deleted categories? 3,143 195 days ago 
FAQ2802 Determine if a URL is in the ProxySG appliance cache and view information on it 1,085 201 days ago 
FAQ2800 Is the SGOS vulnerable to the LAND Denial of Service attack ? 1,040 203 days ago 
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