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FAQ2480 Why has the ProxySG appliance failed to install the latest ProxyClient software correctly (and the version displayed is not the latest)? 774 3 days ago 
FAQ3044 IWF "Unlicenced" and "Unavailable" Messages are appearing in the event logs and/or access logs 69 3 days ago 
FAQ3081 How many core image files can be stored on the ProxySG? 116 8 days ago 
FAQ3064 Does the ProxySG appliance have a CLI command to terminate active sessions? 150 16 days ago 
FAQ3060 Why do valid users get logged as guest on ProxySG; (invalid_surrogate)? 275 17 days ago 
FAQ3048 How do I separate authentication requests for users on unique AD Domains through my ProxySG using BCAAA? 542 24 days ago 
FAQ3038 Why doesn't my ProxySG send alert mail, even though it's configured to do so? 277 29 days ago 
FAQ2477 I am seeing lots of logs on the eventlog indicating "ISTAG change." What is ISTAG? Is this a problem? 1,012 31 days ago 
FAQ3034 How does WebPulse work when Dynamic categorization is disabled? 34 33 days ago 
FAQ3030 Can I use policy substitutions in a regular expression (Regex) policy? 358 36 days ago 
FAQ3024 How do I verify failover status of the ProxySG appliance? 97 38 days ago 
FAQ3023 Is there a way to create VPM objects and rules other than using the VPM in the Web Console? 260 39 days ago 
FAQ3012 What's the best way to filter web content for a remote office, without deploying another ProxySG appliance or software client? 382 47 days ago 
FAQ3011 How to use Cookie based authentication in an explicit environment 596 50 days ago 
FAQ3007 I am trying to deploy my SG and the interfaces keep flapping. I am seeing bpdu packets on my switch ports. 379 52 days ago 
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