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FAQ2865 Why proxySG is making outbound HTTP POST request even though the inbound client request is denied by policy 1,160 151 days ago 
FAQ2855 Why is there communication between ADN proxies on TCP Port 3035 despite no user traffic ? 827 158 days ago 
FAQ2853 How do I send and/or locate a memory core after an unexpected restart on the ProxySG appliance? 937 163 days ago 
FAQ2852 Where can I get an SGOS Patch? 920 163 days ago 
FAQ2848 How can I submit a long list of URLs that are wrongly categorized by Blue Coat Web Content Filtering (BCWF)? 1,114 166 days ago 
FAQ2834 How do I troubleshoot issues with appliance failover on my ProxySG appliance? 1,166 177 days ago 
FAQ2831 How do I control or limit ProxySG access log upload speed? 861 179 days ago 
FAQ2815 Do entries in the Static Bypass List or Restricted Intercept List have a higher precedence ? 895 187 days ago 
FAQ2814 Guest authentication with no popup using IWA direct in transparent deployment 1,060 190 days ago 
FAQ2313 What is the 'Trusted loader attempted to load sandboxed resource from https://x.x.x.x:8082' error while installing policy in the VPM? 2,475 192 days ago 
FAQ2812 Why are updates for iTunes are not working while accessing through the Apple Store application? 843 193 days ago 
FAQ2207 How can ProxySG the display client IP address into custom notification page (Notify User page)? 1,749 198 days ago 
FAQ2806 What categories on BCWF are changing? Why are these changes being made? What happens to the data in the deleted categories? 3,205 199 days ago 
FAQ2803 How to verify ProxyClient web filtering is not disabled or tampered with in a remote machine 802 205 days ago 
FAQ2802 Determine if a URL is in the ProxySG appliance cache and view information on it 1,116 205 days ago 
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