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FAQ2259 Websense daily high-water mark 689 Aug 2, 2012 
FAQ2197 Why am I required to upgrade the SGOS version on my ProxySG appliance? What happens if I do not upgrade to one of the recommended versions? 32,165 Jun 27, 2012 
FAQ1865 Does ProxySG products support FIPS mode? 3,608 Jan 27, 2012 
FAQ1713 How to make skype or another non-ssl protocol on port 443 to work with transparent proxy with interception enabled for port 443? 4,563 Nov 16, 2011 
FAQ1647 When should I use a Local Database versus the VPM to manage URL lists? 5,218 Oct 17, 2011 
FAQ1568 How can you restrict the number of entries in an asymmetric router bypass list on the ProxySG? 2,430 Sep 14, 2011 
FAQ1543 How do you download the accesslog without using FTP. 9,456 Aug 31, 2011 
FAQ1528 Why doesn't my SGOS 5.x ProxySG appliance rule for client.certificate.requested=yes policy work all the time? 1,175 Aug 25, 2011 
FAQ1463 Why does Skype intermittently fail login when the ProxySG is intercepting Transparent 443 with SSL Proxy and "Tunnel on Protocol Error" enabled? 3,701 Jul 22, 2011 
FAQ1360 Why does the IP Checksum Header appear as 0x0000 on an SG300 and SG600? 5,841 Apr 29, 2011 
FAQ1244 What is the multiple CPU core extention for SNMP MIB on SGOS or above? 6,144 Jan 20, 2011 
FAQ1231 I have just upgraded to SGOS v5.5. Why do clients on my network receive an exception page when an HTTP network failure occurs? 2,636 Jan 16, 2011 
FAQ945 Username is logged as DOMAIN\user@domain with Kerberos Constrained Delegation 2,500 Aug 5, 2010 
FAQ677 Why is my ProxySG making IPv6 DNS requests (AAAA queries) 4,062 Jan 11, 2010 
FAQ588 What length can each field in a SG access log go to? 3,579 Nov 18, 2009 
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