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FAQ2240 Which ISPs are required to support SmartFilter? 3,507  
FAQ3041 What does testing result of BCWF mean? 1 5 hours ago 
FAQ2480 Why has the ProxySG appliance failed to install the latest ProxyClient software correctly (and the version displayed is not the latest)? 723 5 hours ago 
FAQ3044 IWF "Unlicenced" and "Unavailable" Messages are appearing in the event logs and/or access logs 5 16 hours ago 
FAQ3081 How many core image files can be stored on the ProxySG? 48 5 days ago 
FAQ3072 How to join a Windows Domain 126 12 days ago 
FAQ3064 Does the ProxySG appliance have a CLI command to terminate active sessions? 122 14 days ago 
FAQ3060 Why do valid users get logged as guest on ProxySG; (invalid_surrogate)? 248 14 days ago 
FAQ3059 What is the MTU to support jumbo frames on the ProxySG appliance? 159 14 days ago 
FAQ3048 How do I separate authentication requests for users on unique AD Domains through my ProxySG using BCAAA? 419 21 days ago 
FAQ3038 Why doesn't my ProxySG send alert mail, even though it's configured to do so? 218 26 days ago 
FAQ2477 I am seeing lots of logs on the eventlog indicating "ISTAG change." What is ISTAG? Is this a problem? 980 28 days ago 
FAQ3036 Why should I use IWA direct instead of BCAAA for IWA? 360 29 days ago 
FAQ3034 How does WebPulse work when Dynamic categorization is disabled? 9 30 days ago 
FAQ3030 Can I use policy substitutions in a regular expression (Regex) policy? 304 33 days ago 
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