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FAQ2639 SGOS 6.x with Blue Coat Content Filtering(BCWF) returning additional category for certain URL containing query string compared to SGOS 5.x or SGOS 4.x 1,258 287 days ago 
FAQ2637 How do I add a DSCP value to outbound/return traffic from/to the ProxySG? 776 287 days ago 
FAQ2046 How to create multiple SSL/HTTPS reverse proxy sites on one port 1,466 288 days ago 
FAQ2202 Why doesn't client.certificate.requested evaluate correctly? 1,200 289 days ago 
FAQ2627 Website/URL is wrongly categorized by Bluecoat Web Content Filtering (BCWF) 1,081 291 days ago 
FAQ2625 Using the Image Deletion tool on Director 1,706 294 days ago 
FAQ2621 How to install the license manually on a registered ProxySG system with or without internet access 4,830 296 days ago 
FAQ2619 Differences between clearing object cache and clearing byte cache 758 296 days ago 
FAQ2617 Comparison of "service send-request-info" enable and disable 768 297 days ago 
FAQ2616 Explanation of help message format of "view filter" in CLI 759 297 days ago 
FAQ2615 What data is needed to troubleshoot network slowness that could be related to authentication? 723 298 days ago 
FAQ2604 How do I get an evaluation license for BCWF ? 636 301 days ago 
FAQ2603 What happens if I don't upgrade my disk layout option after upgrading to SGOS 6.x? 777 302 days ago 
FAQ2602 How do I view the number of objects currently stored on the ProxySG's disks? 897 302 days ago 
FAQ2601 Can the ProxySG appliance perform separate DNS lookups for multiple networks? 611 302 days ago 
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