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FAQ2250 What does the cacheflow event "Result 31 applying configuration from manager" mean? 2,209  
FAQ2980 What port is recognized Cloud when I access method by "Remote user access method"? 393  
FAQ2147 How does the ProxySG appliance detect SQL injection attacks? 3,088  
FAQ2240 Which ISPs are required to support SmartFilter? 3,514  
FAQ3041 What does testing result of BCWF mean? 19 23 hours ago 
FAQ3081 How many core image files can be stored on the ProxySG? 60 6 days ago 
FAQ3060 Why do valid users get logged as guest on ProxySG; (invalid_surrogate)? 250 15 days ago 
FAQ3052 Can we use our own SSL certificate to intercept SSL websites in the Bluecoat Cloud (Threatpulse) account ? 162 17 days ago 
FAQ3048 How do I separate authentication requests for users on unique AD Domains through my ProxySG using BCAAA? 423 22 days ago 
FAQ3042 How to disable SameSide traffic class on PacketShaper using CLI command 246 23 days ago 
FAQ3039 How to calculate the interface bandwidth utilization on PacketShaper? 180 27 days ago 
FAQ3036 Why should I use IWA direct instead of BCAAA for IWA? 367 30 days ago 
FAQ3032 How frequently does a ProxySG check the preferred domain controller (DC) in IWA Direct? 39 31 days ago 
FAQ3021 How BCAAA Server find the Domain Controller / decides which Domain Controller to query? 376 37 days ago 
FAQ3018 Why does IWA Direct fail after changing DNS settings? 650 38 days ago 
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