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FAQ2878 Set up RADIUS authentication to Director on Cisco ACS server 861 146 days ago 
FAQ2871 What do the SSL alert message means? 1,726 149 days ago 
FAQ2870 What is the high temperature threshold of my ProxySG appliance and other system components? 726 153 days ago 
FAQ2868 How to get (a web based desktop sharing application) to work via proxy 1,055 153 days ago 
FAQ2865 Why proxySG is making outbound HTTP POST request even though the inbound client request is denied by policy 1,174 155 days ago 
FAQ2857 How can I customize the default exception tcp_error? 1,892 162 days ago 
FAQ2856 Why does the tcp_error exception display instead of my custom exception page? 1,240 162 days ago 
FAQ2855 Why is there communication between ADN proxies on TCP Port 3035 despite no user traffic ? 836 163 days ago 
FAQ2851 How can I manually upload Reporter Diagnostic Files if ./bcrdiagnostics built-in command is not working? 925 168 days ago 
FAQ2849 What is "sortorder" used for in "class new" argument? 746 171 days ago 
FAQ2848 How can I submit a long list of URLs that are wrongly categorized by Blue Coat Web Content Filtering (BCWF)? 1,131 171 days ago 
FAQ2845 Not able to access SSL web site via a transparent proxy due to PTR query that fails 605 175 days ago 
FAQ2841 Can we use a DNS Access Layer to make static name resolution entries? 703 177 days ago 
FAQ2840 What is Director error "Constant get index 1, size 1 error"? 757 178 days ago 
FAQ2211 Which files and URLs should be used to monitor ProxySG configuration changes? 1,666 178 days ago 
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