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FAQ3024 How do I verify failover status of the ProxySG appliance? 98 39 days ago 
FAQ3023 Is there a way to create VPM objects and rules other than using the VPM in the Web Console? 261 40 days ago 
FAQ3022 How to remove Xpress tunnel IP setting in PacketShaper 253 40 days ago 
FAQ3021 How BCAAA Server find the Domain Controller / decides which Domain Controller to query? 435 40 days ago 
FAQ3019 What is the command to delete a disconnected PacketShaper in PolicyCenter? 275 40 days ago 
FAQ3018 Why does IWA Direct fail after changing DNS settings? 804 41 days ago 
FAQ3016 Why does PacketShaper history reporting peak-rate graph show zero but average-rate graph show non-zero? 359 42 days ago 
FAQ3013 BBC News Video gets "This content doesn't seem to be working" message in explicit proxy deployment 432 47 days ago 
FAQ3012 What's the best way to filter web content for a remote office, without deploying another ProxySG appliance or software client? 385 48 days ago 
FAQ3011 How to use Cookie based authentication in an explicit environment 600 51 days ago 
FAQ3009 Why isn't PacketShaper discovering traffic classes based on services like HTTP or SSL? 281 51 days ago 
FAQ3007 I am trying to deploy my SG and the interfaces keep flapping. I am seeing bpdu packets on my switch ports. 380 53 days ago 
FAQ2447 How do I write policy to detect the apparent data type for files users are requesting? 3,607 53 days ago 
FAQ3006 Blocking Facebook content from other web sites 938 53 days ago 
FAQ3004 Do I need a BCWF account or subscription for SWG VA 274 55 days ago 
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