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FAQ3073 I can't access Office365 from IE8 80 13 days ago 
FAQ3074 How can I show LDAP DN attribute details in the access log? 99 13 days ago 
FAQ3053 Can I disable SSH service on SSL VA Appliance? 110 17 days ago 
FAQ3067 I have an internet based URL that I want to redirect to another internet based URL. How do I do this on my Packetshaper? 113 14 days ago 
FAQ3064 Does the ProxySG appliance have a CLI command to terminate active sessions? 135 14 days ago 
FAQ3072 How to join a Windows Domain 139 13 days ago 
FAQ3037 How to enable and capture Threatpulse Unified Agent Tracing logs? 149 29 days ago 
FAQ3052 Can we use our own SSL certificate to intercept SSL websites in the Bluecoat Cloud (Threatpulse) account ? 162 17 days ago 
FAQ3051 How to clear cache for specific domain on Cacheflow devices 163 19 days ago 
FAQ3059 What is the MTU to support jumbo frames on the ProxySG appliance? 168 15 days ago 
FAQ2987 Web Security Service (cloud) dashboard seems to abbreviate IP address as IP subnet. 185 64 days ago 
FAQ3039 How to calculate the interface bandwidth utilization on PacketShaper? 189 27 days ago 
FAQ2785 Does ZeroWindowProbe [Malformed] coming from the ProxySG interface mean the NIC is bad? 205 211 days ago 
FAQ2927 Why are multicast packets being generated from the proxy with protocol number 114 (any 0-hop)? 206 94 days ago 
FAQ2885 How do I create a Diagnostic report on the DLP appliance? 209 135 days ago 
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