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KB6183 IWA group-based policy not matching after AD domain structure changed 229 26 days ago 
KB6167 BCAAA Event ID 1221 318 33 days ago 
KB4354 What to expect from Blue Coat Triage when having ProxySG issues with a particular website 9,417 36 days ago 
KB6138 user.login.log_out_other policy might not logout authenticated users 677 53 days ago 
KB6134 Getting authentication popups when authenticating on a child and a parent (upstream/downstream) proxy 623 54 days ago 
KB6081 Authentication issues, BCAAA timeout 925 89 days ago 
KB6076 How do I find LDAP attributes for alternate lookup or authentication methods in a Windows environment? 1,337 90 days ago 
KB6064 How to prevent the ProxySG from sending out Proxy-Authorization header that contains user credentials to the Internet ? 688 96 days ago 
KB4541 Which type of authentication mode should be used for specific proxy deployments? 7,058 101 days ago 
KB6036 "Account Restricted" error occurred when set Authentication type SAML and use BCCA IDP. 555 117 days ago 
KB6033 Appliance Error (internal_error) after a configuration archive that contains Windows Domain is restored 953 119 days ago 
KB6031 Session Monitor bin fails synchronization when a new RADIUS attribute is added into an existing configuration 743 120 days ago 
KB6028 Authenticated user is treated as unauthenticated when a Category condition is present 948 120 days ago 
KB6016 When the Auth connector is required 388 124 days ago 
KB5361 Client Certificate Authentication issues 3,414 148 days ago 
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