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KB5949 Unable to access Management Console due to uncontactable BCAAA servers 1,623 172 days ago 
KB5915 Cannot uninstall old version of BCAAA as it is missing from Add/Remove Programs 1,639 194 days ago 
KB5899 How to configure Form Based Authentication for iOS and Android Devices. 2,070 205 days ago 
KB5887 For authentication purposes, how to distinguish requests made transparently or explicitly 726 208 days ago 
KB5353 Why am I getting certificate warning/ authentication prompt when going to virtual URL of authentication? 4,356 264 days ago 
KB5803 Monitoring who was authenticated with the proxy at a particular point in time 572 267 days ago 
KB5790 Best practices with authentication and Google Chromebook computers 1,101 269 days ago 
KB5723 When using IWA Direct, how do you know with which Domain Controller the proxy is currently communicating? 1,565 302 days ago 
KB5707 AD account lockout count increases when accessing to 1,153 305 days ago 
KB5650 Client certificate authentication fails in Internet Explorer (but works with other browsers) 1,480 345 days ago 
KB5641 High memory pressure with SG in Miscellaneous component when Session Monitor is used 1,194 349 days ago 
KB5637 The X-Authenticated-User header not added for POST authentication(no) 1,693 352 days ago 
KB5610 Configuring ProxyAV to use Cisco ACS 4.2 Radius 1,500 362 days ago 
KB5574 Why is a workstation with a local user login permitted to access the Internet? 624 Mar 28, 2013 
KB5553 Unable to upgrade the Auth Connector (Blue Coat Web Security Service) on Windows Server 2008. 370 Mar 20, 2013 
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