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KB5497 Java application certificate error in Director Management Console 1,678  
KB5390 After resetting the class tree, the Outbound class tree appears under the Inbound class tree. 3,404  
KB5496 Sky UI's "Open Connections" value always indicates 2000 1,951  
KB6194 Example Custom PAC file for Explicit Proxy 192 12 days ago 
KB6193 Promptless Captive Portal using SAML and BCCA-as-the-IDP 161 12 days ago 
KB6157 Wrong order of access logs configuration archive causes configuration restore to fail 484 42 days ago 
KB5410 What is the maximum number of SSH sessions to the ProxySG appliance? 1,440 51 days ago 
KB6134 Getting authentication popups when authenticating on a child and a parent (upstream/downstream) proxy 595 51 days ago 
KB6109 Errors in SSL after replacing the SSL-Interception certificate 1,148 70 days ago 
KB6098 Error "Entries in TCP queue" (TCP1.51) on /TCP/Summary page 479 77 days ago 
KB6075 Create Static Routes on CacheFlow 378 87 days ago 
KB6070 Policy not matching when trying to control a URL containing a query string 656 89 days ago 
KB6057 The display URL CLI command fails when a query string ( is included in the URL 335 96 days ago 
KB6033 Appliance Error (internal_error) after a configuration archive that contains Windows Domain is restored 938 117 days ago 
KB6030 "No AD domain is associated with this realm" when the Kerberos user-name is restored from a configuration archive 656 118 days ago 
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