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KB5520 AVOS restarts when a unit's IP address is changed. 1,520  
KB5298 The ProxySG appliance fails to load the default SGOS image. 2,629 206 days ago 
KB5868 Performance and stability issues with SWG VA and ProxySG VA due to disk errors on ESX server 1,000 220 days ago 
KB5874 Reporter crashes when viewing "Log source history" in the Reporter GUI. 829 224 days ago 
KB5791 How to Prevent Reporter Database Corruption During Windows Server Shutdowns 2,315 274 days ago 
KB5767 McAffee Virusscan causes Blue Coat ProxyClient Tray Icon to stop working 693 283 days ago 
KB5717 Blue Screen with ThreatPulse client connector and Microsoft Skydrive client installed 817 308 days ago 
KB5686 Application Reboots noticed on ProxyAV after upgrade to AVOS 1,279 316 days ago 
KB5680 The ProxySG300 fails to boot and displays the following error in the logs: "Ultra DMA Mode-6, S.M.A.R.T. Capable and Status BAD." 678 322 days ago 
KB5157 Unexpected restart SWE:0x810002 PG_CFSSL Process: "HTTP RW" or "SSLW" in "" with SG and SG 1,909 Jun 17, 2012 
KB5012 Unexpected restart in Software Exception Code: 0x810002 PG_UNKNOWN Process: "Session Monitor Bin Worker" in "" at .text+0x0 1,956 Mar 19, 2012 
KB5010 Why was my PacketShaper restarting continuously after removing the LEM? 2,922 Mar 19, 2012 
KB4883 Enabling the Annonymization Feature with HTTPS acess logs, crashes Reporter 2,612 Jan 23, 2012 
KB4882 How do I generate a Kernel Mode dump file for ProxyClient? 3,795 Jan 20, 2012 
KB4835 CLOUD Java error returned when using "is between" in a forensic report 1,947 Dec 20, 2011 
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