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KB6197 Unable to run the health check: Invalid DRTR service name 136 10 days ago 
KB4354 What to expect from Blue Coat Triage when having ProxySG issues with a particular website 9,343 32 days ago 
KB6119 "Late Condition Guards Early Action" error when using client.effective_address 251 58 days ago 
KB6113 Error occurred while loading VPM policy due to an invalid character 505 66 days ago 
KB6109 Errors in SSL after replacing the SSL-Interception certificate 1,143 69 days ago 
KB6098 Error "Entries in TCP queue" (TCP1.51) on /TCP/Summary page 474 76 days ago 
KB6033 Appliance Error (internal_error) after a configuration archive that contains Windows Domain is restored 937 116 days ago 
KB6032 Interface link down event is not sent to Syslog server when SNMP Trap is enabled 849 117 days ago 
KB6027 ssl_domain_invalid logging in to from 903 117 days ago 
KB5950 YouTube Categorization is showing up as unavailable under SGOS 6.5.x 396 171 days ago 
KB5911 Symantec Service Notification – Update Existing Certificates from 1024-bit Keys to 2048-bit 653 198 days ago 
KB5255 When sending SNMP traps, the Network Management System (NMS) receives information from a different ProxySG interface than the original. 1,355 257 days ago 
KB5810 How to view current bandwidth, connection, dns, and resource-load statistics for CacheFlow appliances 822 264 days ago 
KB5729 Unrated Active or Executable Content 727 299 days ago 
KB5660 How can I change the default HTML formatting for the built-in exceptions? 1,755 337 days ago 
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