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KB6152 The ProxySG, with Cisco IPsec VPN using TCP transport, fails to connect via TCP tunnel 496 40 days ago 
KB6125 Securing the CacheFlow Management Console 370 49 days ago 
KB6115 Threatpulse - unable to access 317 60 days ago 
KB6075 Create Static Routes on CacheFlow 370 82 days ago 
KB6062 "Tx Watchdog resetting interface 0:0" in event-log of SGVA 403 89 days ago 
KB6050 Enable link error propagation of ProxySG bridge interface 578 96 days ago 
KB6026 How do you forward traffic to a site whose name can't be resolved by DNS 1,619 113 days ago 
KB6019 Troubleshooting High CPU% when all other ProxySG Resources are normal. 1,137 116 days ago 
KB5947 Why does the DNS Proxy cause timeouts for some sites? 441 169 days ago 
KB5945 Unable to access sites throughThreatPulse in Iran or any other U.S embargoed country. 689 174 days ago 
KB5864 TCP Connections might stay in CLOSE_WAIT state for a period of time after receiving FIN-ACK from upstream 1,409 227 days ago 
KB5799 Proxies with more than 1 Internet connection shows multiple IP addresses at sites such as 1,036 264 days ago 
KB5769 How long will the proxy wait before timing out when communicating to a device 3,109 274 days ago 
KB5724 CacheFlow is reporting bypassed traffic that is not captured in the dynamic bypass list 1,104 298 days ago 
KB5643 When I delete a default gateway, the ProxySG front panel displays"Gateway address not configured". 721 343 days ago 
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