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KB5388 The clear stats button on the Monitor page in the Legacy UI does not clear stats. 2,126  
KB5223 "Use Default" checkbox on System Variables setup page may not work. 1,681  
KB5390 After resetting the class tree, the Outbound class tree appears under the Inbound class tree. 3,435  
KB6136 WebPulse/URL Categories feature not working due to DNS resolution error 405 43 days ago 
KB6065 Determine whether PacketShaper is responsible for restricting bandwidth for a connection 654 95 days ago 
KB6000 Upgrading directly to the latest version of PacketShaper software 679 131 days ago 
KB5998 Cannot classify SSL connections using the new web application classification 702 131 days ago 
KB5972 Not able to log in to PacketShaper from IntelligenceCenter GUI 659 154 days ago 
KB5971 PacketShaper indicates "unknown error" on CLI console. 753 154 days ago 
KB5880 2013 Category Update Names and Definition Changes 9,004 217 days ago 
KB5844 Reports are not running on PacketShaper 680 245 days ago 
KB5838 Rebooted PacketShaper and matching rule errors keep occuring 643 249 days ago 
KB5778 WebPulse infrastructure changes that might impact PacketShaper URL category and web application classification features 993 279 days ago 
KB5771 How can I identify the SSL Common Name of secure websites using PacketShaper? 1,282 281 days ago 
KB5752 Do I need to be concerned about the size of my PacketShaper hard drives? 3,512 291 days ago 
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