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KB5390 After resetting the class tree, the Outbound class tree appears under the Inbound class tree. 3,395  
KB5778 WebPulse infrastructure changes that might impact PacketShaper URL category and web application classification features 980 276 days ago 
KB5752 Do I need to be concerned about the size of my PacketShaper hard drives? 3,455 288 days ago 
KB5751 What is the difference between the 1 bridge and 2 bridge LEM cards on the PacketShaper 12000? 2,362 288 days ago 
KB5648 Login banner indicates "SSH unable to load key. Protocol version 1 is disabled" 1,299 346 days ago 
KB5166 Can't log in to GUI after PacketWise upgrade but still can access the PacketShaper via SSH and Telnet 1,837 Jun 20, 2012 
KB5017 What browsers are supported on PacketShaper? 1,353 Mar 25, 2012 
KB4954 Matching rule not matching expected traffic [URL categorisation] 1,657 Feb 28, 2012 
KB4946 Generating graphs/reports on network performance summary, access via wui became unavailable 1,347 Feb 27, 2012 
KB4944 How mamy SNMP destination traps can I have in the packeshaper? 1,451 Feb 27, 2012 
KB4899 Heartbeat function is not working on my unit. 1,668 Jan 28, 2012 
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