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KB6209 400 bad request while accessing Symantec Messaging Security 1 1 hour ago 
KB6204 CacheFlow SNMP sysName is not updated after changing the appliance-name 1 3 days ago 
KB6201 SYSINFO shows "unsupported configuration" on ProxySG 600 models 77 4 days ago 
KB6197 Unable to run the health check: Invalid DRTR service name 166 13 days ago 
KB6194 Example Custom PAC file for Explicit Proxy 244 14 days ago 
KB6193 Promptless Captive Portal using SAML and BCCA-as-the-IDP 195 14 days ago 
KB6190 unable to download files from 60 18 days ago 
KB6189 SYSINFO shows "unsupported configuration" on ProxySG 300 models 47 4 days ago 
KB6188 CAS OS causing ProxySG to restart 193 20 days ago 
KB6186 How can I control Internet access based on Internet Explorer version and Windows version (i.e IE8.0 running on WindowsXP)? 257 25 days ago 
KB6184 How to Manually Connect to a Different Datapod (with Unified Agent/Client Connector only) 171 26 days ago 
KB6183 IWA group-based policy not matching after AD domain structure changed 228 26 days ago 
KB6182 WCCP causes routing loop because it redirects traffic to the port which set to bypass. How to exclude proxy connected interface from WCCP redirect in setting? 311 26 days ago 
KB6180 Mime-type policy does not work when I change the file extension 25 28 days ago 
KB6176 How do I generate a report of single user browsed site using Reporter? 172 29 days ago 
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