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KB5520 AVOS restarts when a unit's IP address is changed. 1,512  
KB6161 ProxyAV display antivirus license expired even when valid license has been installed 227 40 days ago 
KB6083 Critical "Voltage" parameters on Proxy AV1400 unit 408 89 days ago 
KB6078 How to get configuration backups for proxy AV automatically. (unofficial) 433 90 days ago 
KB6063 What does 'Scan operation timed out error code: 0x00000000' mean? 212 97 days ago 
KB5997 Antivirus update fail with Error code 1 420 132 days ago 
KB5996 ProxyAV alert message, "failed to connect for update" not being sent to administrators when updates fail. 469 133 days ago 
KB5897 ProxyAV's Sophos engine indicates “File decompression/decode error“ 756 210 days ago 
KB5835 ProxyAV's Kaspersky is unable to detect Spyware and Adware 735 250 days ago 
KB5782 Not able to add multiple receiver Emails in ProxyAV Alert notification 636 276 days ago 
KB5754 ProxyAV giving “HTTPS client error: certificate verify failed” when tried for upgrade 790 289 days ago 
KB5700 Can't download iTunes.exe while ICAP scanning 2,696 310 days ago 
KB5696 Proxy AV showing license has not been activated 631 313 days ago 
KB5610 Configuring ProxyAV to use Cisco ACS 4.2 Radius 1,520 Apr 22, 2013 
KB5348 A blank page is displayed in place of the Consent Banner when certain Character Encodings are used in the web browser 1,542 Nov 19, 2012 
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