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KB6201 SYSINFO shows "unsupported configuration" on ProxySG 600 models 30 2 days ago 
KB6197 Unable to run the health check: Invalid DRTR service name 143 11 days ago 
KB6189 SYSINFO shows "unsupported configuration" on ProxySG 300 models 18 2 days ago 
KB6186 How can I control Internet access based on Internet Explorer version and Windows version (i.e IE8.0 running on WindowsXP)? 233 23 days ago 
KB6183 IWA group-based policy not matching after AD domain structure changed 217 24 days ago 
KB6182 WCCP causes routing loop because it redirects traffic to the port which set to bypass. How to exclude proxy connected interface from WCCP redirect in setting? 289 24 days ago 
KB6180 Mime-type policy does not work when I change the file extension 10 25 days ago 
KB6175 Some Management Console elements fail to display. What causes this and how do I fix it? 400 27 days ago 
KB6173 When attempting to join the ProxySG to a Domain, I get a “Password Incorrect” error message even though the password is valid. How do I fix this? 224 50 days ago 
KB6167 BCAAA Event ID 1221 296 30 days ago 
KB6165 Client not found in Kerberos database 274 32 days ago 
KB6163 Unable to access the GUI/CLI/Serial console after upgrading to SGOS 82 34 days ago 
KB6162 How to enable the proxy to use multiple IPs to connect to the upstream 309 35 days ago 
KB6160 Why have X-Client-IP and X-Server-IP been added in ICAP header? 87 37 days ago 
KB6159 ProxySG appliance running 6.2 experiences a software restart 0x810002 in PG_UNKNOWN process 172 40 days ago 
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