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KB5533 How do I resolve issues where users receive an exception from the proxy that reads, "Network Error (dns_server_failure)"? 3,369 42 days ago 
KB5527 How to schedule a reboot on ProxySG appliance 3,366 44 days ago 
KB6123 Updated Java, now having issues logging into Management Console. 238 54 days ago 
KB6076 How do I find LDAP attributes for alternate lookup or authentication methods in a Windows environment? 1,262 86 days ago 
KB6061 Unable to mass import sites to 873 93 days ago 
KB6060 Using SNI with SSL intercept is not working in a forward proxy deployment 894 94 days ago 
KB6046 LinkedIn website does not display 840 103 days ago 
KB6045 How do I allow certain users to access YouTube? 655 103 days ago 
KB6019 Troubleshooting High CPU% when all other ProxySG Resources are normal. 1,190 120 days ago 
KB6012 Create a custom exception page that pre-populates URL for category review at the WebPulse Site Review website 1,316 121 days ago 
KB6007 Troubleshooting SCSI error codes in the ProxySG event logs. 1,075 123 days ago 
KB6003 Youtube category filtering is blocking the Bluecaot category as well in SGOS 6.5.x 896 125 days ago 
KB5361 Client Certificate Authentication issues 3,381 144 days ago 
KB5908 Trying to bypass RTMP traffic from ICAP 1,139 199 days ago 
KB5907 Adobe update fails due to Preventing Malware policies with Blue Coat Proxies 1,680 199 days ago 
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