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KB5777 Allow only one Facebook page (not all of Facebook) 14 365 days ago 
KB6190 unable to download files from 63 19 days ago 
KB6173 When attempting to join the ProxySG to a Domain, I get a “Password Incorrect” error message even though the password is valid. How do I fix this? 251 53 days ago 
KB6123 Updated Java, now having issues logging into Management Console. 278 58 days ago 
KB6175 Some Management Console elements fail to display. What causes this and how do I fix it? 436 29 days ago 
KB6045 How do I allow certain users to access YouTube? 690 106 days ago 
KB5888 Failed on LDAP simple bind (Error code: 40286) 760 211 days ago 
KB6046 LinkedIn website does not display 879 106 days ago 
KB6061 Unable to mass import sites to 913 97 days ago 
KB6060 Using SNI with SSL intercept is not working in a forward proxy deployment 929 98 days ago 
KB6003 Youtube category filtering is blocking the Bluecaot category as well in SGOS 6.5.x 937 128 days ago 
KB3452 LCD keeps on going saying "IP not configured" although the SG has an IP and you can connect to it via the Management Console 1,081 Sep 25, 2009 
KB6007 Troubleshooting SCSI error codes in the ProxySG event logs. 1,122 126 days ago 
KB5790 Best practices with authentication and Google Chromebook computers 1,139 273 days ago 
KB5908 Trying to bypass RTMP traffic from ICAP 1,166 203 days ago 
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