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KB6212 IWA Direct Authentication not connected to the primary DC 0 20 hours ago 
KB6190 unable to download files from 76 20 days ago 
KB6175 Some Management Console elements fail to display. What causes this and how do I fix it? 439 30 days ago 
KB6123 Updated Java, now having issues logging into Management Console. 282 59 days ago 
KB6076 How do I find LDAP attributes for alternate lookup or authentication methods in a Windows environment? 1,337 91 days ago 
KB6062 "Tx Watchdog resetting interface 0:0" in event-log of SGVA 447 98 days ago 
KB6061 Unable to mass import sites to 915 98 days ago 
KB6026 How do you forward traffic to a site whose name can't be resolved by DNS 1,778 122 days ago 
KB6019 Troubleshooting High CPU% when all other ProxySG Resources are normal. 1,260 125 days ago 
KB5936 videos do not stream through the ProxySG appliance in explicit deployment 1,595 187 days ago 
KB5907 Adobe update fails due to Preventing Malware policies with Blue Coat Proxies 1,733 204 days ago 
KB5868 Performance and stability issues with SWG VA and ProxySG VA due to disk errors on ESX server 1,000 220 days ago 
KB5814 How do I use the enhanced apparent data type controls in SGOS 6.5.1 and AVOS 3.5.1? 2,475 268 days ago 
KB5790 Best practices with authentication and Google Chromebook computers 1,143 274 days ago 
KB5777 Allow only one Facebook page (not all of Facebook) 19 Apr 23, 2013 
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