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KB6176 How do I generate a report of single user browsed site using Reporter? 157 25 days ago 
KB6141 Reporter fails to authenticate to an explicit proxy server 281 46 days ago 
KB6092 Reporter consuming more memory than previous versions 557 80 days ago 
KB6059 Reporter process couldn't stop completely. 900  
KB6049 Reporter unloads on Windows running 680 100 days ago 
KB6011 Site Report Missing Graph When Downloaded to PDF 556 121 days ago 
KB6002 Find out how long a report took to run in Reporter. 460 126 days ago 
KB5999 Date and time displayed in a Full Log Detail report is not in chronological order. 533 127 days ago 
KB5939 Reporter is duplicating the rows when a report is exported as a PDF format 665 179 days ago 
KB5930 Data in the summarized-by-category displays less data than summarized-by-date report. 671 185 days ago 
KB5900 How do I disable access logging for a particular protocol? 547 204 days ago 
KB5896 The Report timezone is shown as CST (China Standard Time) instead of SGT (Singapore time) on Reporter Web GUI even though both timezone are GMT+8. 825 205 days ago 
KB5880 2013 Category Update Names and Definition Changes 8,915 213 days ago 
KB5874 Reporter crashes when viewing "Log source history" in the Reporter GUI. 814 219 days ago 
KB5792 Reporting on hour of the day "is not between 12:00 and 13:00" , the criteria reset to 12:00 760 268 days ago 
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