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KB6117 Install screen hangs when booting off a USB drive to install Director (SGME) 5.x 428 65 days ago 
KB5880 2013 Category Update Names and Definition Changes 9,068 219 days ago 
KB5821 Director replies to SNMP polls using the community string "Public" instead of custom community string 825 261 days ago 
KB5815 "ERROR:Database connection failed" in Director Management Console 793 267 days ago 
KB5710 Cannot access the Proxy from Director, getting error " Could not launch Management console bluecoat.sgos.ui.MC_Panel" 1,573 309 days ago 
KB5678 How to add ProxySG CA certificates to the trusted CA list in Linux. 2,535 323 days ago 
KB5676 Alternative method for creating the USB flash drive required for upgrading to Director 6 1,020 324 days ago 
KB5675 How to change the IP address of a Director appliance 834 324 days ago 
KB5662 How can I get Director to produce a list of all the serial numbers in its database? 1,081 338 days ago 
KB5425 How to Re-Image the Director Appliance 1,404 Jan 21, 2013 
KB5389 How do I update Director's BCWF category list? 2,379  
KB5313 Director shows partner state as 'Misconfigured' after adding to standby pair. 1,053 Oct 16, 2012 
KB5294 Mac OS Mountain Lion User-Agent: ocspd/1.0 is not able to authenticate 2,017 Sep 26, 2012 
KB5248 "Unable to perform email action in the director" error when you try to send email 865 Aug 7, 2012 
KB5138 httpd service does not start on Director 5.5.x 2,559 324 days ago 
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